Vehicle Use


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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who is allowed to drive motor pool vehicles?

Faculty, staff and student work studies, with United States Drivers' License AND current (blue) NMSU vehicle operator permit, are allowed to drive motor pool vehicle while on official DACC business.

2.  Why am I asked to give my driver's license expiration and NMSU permit expiration date?

We need this information to verify that you have a valid U.S. Driver's license and that you have a current (blue) NMSU Vehicle Operators Permit.  All drivers must have these 2 items on their person while operating a DACC vehicle. Please contact Environmental Health & Safety at with any questions about the policy.

3.  Are passengers allowed to ride in motor pool vehicles?

Faculty, staff, student work studies and students on official DACC business are allowed to be passengers in motor pool vehicles. Family, friends or children are not allowed as passengers in DACC motor pool vehicles.

4.  Am I required to fill vehicles with gas?

If you take a vehicle on a long trip we ask that you fill the vehicle with gas before returning it to the motor pool. If you take the vehicle on a long trip you will be supplied with a credit card to be used ONLY for fueling the vehicle. Car washes and other items cannot be charged on this card.  Also, if you schedule a vehicle right after someone else drops off you may need to gas it up since we would not have sufficient time to take it in ourselves.

5.  I will be traveling to a military base, will I be provided with the vehicle registration and insurance?

You will find the vehicle registration and insurance paperwork in the glove compartment. Please verify they are in the vehicle before your trip.

6.  Do I need an index number to drive a motor pool vehicle?

Yes. Mileage for motor pool vehicles are charged back to their appropriate departments. If you do not know your index number, please check with your department head before making reservations. We do not provide index numbers.

7.  May I reserve a vehicle over the weekend or during holidays?

Yes you may so long as it is only used for official DACC business. You also need to pick up the keys before we close on Friday by 5:00 pm or the day before the holiday begins.

8.  May I drop off a vehicle after hours?

So long as you have access to the building you may drop off keys after hours. The drop box is located on the main door of the motor pool office in room 95.

9.  What are the rates for motor pool vehicles?

Motor pool rates follow federal mileage reimbursement rates as follows:

            DACC motor pool vehicles: $.51/mile *Plus the cost of fuel used.

10.  How far in advance am I able to make reservations?

You may schedule your reservations at your convenience. We suggest you make your reservations as soon as you know you will be in need of a vehicle

11.  Who should I contact if I am involved in an accident?

If you are involved in an accident you must contact local law enforcement.  A police report must be filed, even if there is no injury.  If the accident occurred on private property law enforcement will still be able to file an informational report. Please contact the Motor Pool Office at 575-527-7557 or Internal Services Supervisor at 575-528-7067. We will have you fill out a Notice of Incident. If damage in excess of $100 or injury to another individual is the result of the accident, please have the other party contact the Central Purchasing and Risk Management Office as soon as possible at 575-646-2916. We will have them fill out a Liability Claim form.

12.  If I am involved in an accident, should I tell the injured parties that NMSU will take care of their medical expenses?

No. That communication needs to come directly from a representative of State Risk Management.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and wear a mask!