Vehicle Use


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        UPDATED: May 28, 2020

        Drivers of fleet vehicles are responsible for understanding and adhering to ALL policies. Use of Doña Ana Community College fleet vehicles is a privilege that can be revoked.

        Vehicles rates are effective as of July 1, 2020.  Please check "Vehicle and Rates" pricing.

        Driver's License & NMSU Operator Permit
        Responsibilities of Driver
        Picking Up Vehicles
        Canceling & Returning Vehicles
        Emergency Maintenance & Repairs


        University (Fleet/Motor Pool) vehicles may only be used for Doña Ana Community College (DACC) related business. Passengers are limited to University employees, students participating in authorized trips, and invited guests engaged in University related activities.

        The Agile Fleet Commander Program will be utilized to manage all users and vehicles for DACC. The DACC Internal Services Department will manage this program.

        When not in use, a vehicle must be secured and legally parked near the department or work site of the user to whom it is assigned. Personal use of University vehicles is prohibited. Transportation between the University and the driver’s residence is normally prohibited, even if the driver is required to return to the campus to perform his or her job outside of regular business hours. If a driver needs a vehicle to attend an out-of-town meeting, the driver may take the vehicle home to facilitate an early departure, but no personal use of the vehicle is allowed. In special circumstances, when job duties warrant, a vehicle may be provided to an employee as a condition of employment. Prior approval by the DACC Business Office Manager and/or Vice President for Business and Finance is required.

        This policy states rules regarding the use of University vehicles, which include any motorized (electric, gas, or diesel powered) vehicle operated on roadways. These rules are based on state and federal regulations, and to include New Mexico State University policies. 

        Please read NMSU - Vehicle Use Procedures for more information.
         --Smoking is strictly prohibited in all motor pool vehicles--

        Driver's License & NMSU Vehicle Operator Permit

        All drivers of a fleet vehicle must possess a valid U.S. state driver's license, a current (blue) NMSU Vehicle Operator Permit, and be registered in Agile Fleet Commander. The NMSU Vehicle Operator permit is issued by NMSU's Environmental Health & Safety Department, after completion of the NMSU Defensive Driving Course.

        To access information regarding the defensive driving course go to:NMSU Defensive Driving Program

        If you plan to have multiple drivers for a specific reservation please list ALL drivers in the "Comments" box of the reservation request.  All drivers must be registered with Agile Fleet Commander.  All drivers must be approved and validated by Internal Services BEFORE the keys are issued.

        Drivers with suspended, revoked, or expired licenses are prohibited from driving a fleet vehicle. Drivers must notify their supervisors immediately if their licenses are suspended, revoked, expired, or significantly changed in any way. If driving is a function of the employee's job, loss of license could mean reassignment, disciplinary action, or discharge.

        Responsibilities of Driver

        The driver of the fleet vehicle has, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities:

        • It is the drivers responsibility to make sure the reservation has been approved. An email stating that your reservation is being processed does not mean you are approved. Your reservation is not complete until you receive the APPROVED email. 
        • Drivers of fleet vehicles are required to observe all local and state traffic regulations and are personally responsible for penalties incurred for violations thereof. Any citations received by the Internal Services shall be forwarded to the department (or organization) that reserved the vehicle. Drivers must notify their supervisors no later than the next working day if they are charged or cited with a civil or criminal violation while driving a fleet vehicle.
        • In accordance with New Mexico state law, as well as good safety practice, all drivers and passengers using fleet vehicles are required to use seat belts whenever the vehicle is in use. Drivers are responsible for ensuring that all passengers have their seat belts secured prior to the vehicle moving.
        • Drivers are to park fleet vehicles in the spaces provided and marked DACC Motor Pool Only, at the Espina/Central and East Mesa Campuses.  If there are no Motor Pool parking spaces available you can park in "Service Vehicles" parking spaces. If neither spaces available, please park in the nearest regular parking space and inform us when you return your keys.

        DO NOT park in Handicapped Parking spaces.  If you are ticketed for parking in these spaces you will be responsible for paying the ticket and Motor Pool privileges may be revoked.

        • Drivers are required to report any fleet vehicle issue(s) and/or incidents upon return of the vehicle.
        • If the vehicle is returned after hours, drivers are to use the drop boxes located inside the buildings at the Espina/Central and East Mesa Campuses.
        • Drivers are to keep the vehicle clean. Remove all trash from the inside of the vehicle at the beginning and end of your trip. If the previous user has not done this, please note on your trip report.
        • Drivers are to make sure windows are closed, vehicle is locked, and all lights are turned off.
        • Drivers shall make all reasonable efforts to prevent misuse of the vehicle, ensure the safety of the passengers and the care of the vehicle, and return the vehicle in a satisfactory state of repair. Abuse of any fleet vehicle will be justification for refusal to permit the use of vehicles in the future.


        The following actions and activities are prohibited in fleet vehicles:

        • Cellular Phones. Using cellular phones including text messaging while driving. Drivers should pull off the road and park before making or answering a call, and before sending, reading, or responding to a text message.
        • Tobacco Use. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) and other tobacco use.
        • Impairment. Driving while impaired by alcohol, illegal drugs, medication, illness, fatigue, or injury.  A driver should minimize fatigue on long trips by taking appropriate breaks or sharing driving with other authorized drivers.
        • Illegal Drugs and Alcohol. Transporting illegal drugs and alcohol, unless the alcohol is being transported for an official DACC catered event. Alcohol transported for an official DACC event must remain closed during transportation and should be placed in the vehicle trunk if possible.
        • Interlock Device. Driving while sentenced to use an interlock device when driving. University vehicles do not have interlock devices on them.
        • Hazardous Materials. Transporting hazardous materials, except by persons who are specifically trained, certified, and authorized to transport such materials.
        • Towing. Fleet vehicles are not to be used for towing. No objects are to be placed, mounted, or tied to the outside of any fleet vehicle. Damage resulting from any of these conditions will be the responsibility of the requester's department (or organization).
        • Animals. Domestic and non-domestic animals are NOT allowed in the vehicles with the exception of service animals. (Please indicate a special vehicle requirement when making the reservation, of the need to transport one of these animals.) Caged research animals may be transported in cargo vans only.
        • Hitchhikers. Providing transportation to hitchhikers.
        • International Travel. International travel is not allowed with DACC fleet vehicles. 

        Picking Up Vehicles

        Doña Ana Community College

        - Espina/Central Campus - DASH Room 95 -

        Keys can be picked up between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

        - East Mesa Campus - DAEM Room 204 -

        Keys can be picked up between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

        - Gadsden Center - DAGC Room 100 -

        Keys can be picked up between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

        - Sunland Park Center - DASP Room 106 -

        Keys can be picked up between the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

        Cancellations & Returning Vehicles

        Cancellations must be made via the Agile Fleet Commander web site or by phone, contact the corresponding campus/center. The Internal Services staff may cancel vehicles not picked up within 1 hour of the scheduled reservation time.

        Returning vehicles late without notifying the Internal Services staff will be justification for refusal to permit the use of vehicles in the future. Agile Fleet Commander will require that you enter a beginning date/time and an ending date/time of your reservation.  It is IMPORTANT that you return the vehicle at the time that your reservation ends.  We know that there are times when it will be out of your control and you will be late returning a car.  Make that communication as soon as possible.

        Emergency Maintenance & Repairs

        While Internal Services strives to maintain its fleet of vehicles in the best possible condition, breakdowns do occur. Internal Services will make every effort to assist the customer during any breakdown situation to minimize loss time and inconvenience. However, Internal Services shall not be liable for any costs incurred by the travelers other than the actual cost to repair the vehicle. This specifically includes room and board. If emergency maintenance and/or repair work is performed, the service records must be forwarded to Internal Services in a timely manner.

        If a fleet vehicle has a mechanical breakdown while on the road, please use the following procedures:

        • If local, and able, return to campus/center for replacement.
        • If local, and unable, contact Internal Services supervisor at (575) 528-7067.
        • Out of area, and able, bring to a dealership.
          • For necessary repairs, the traveler must obtain prior authorization from the Internal Services supervisor.
        • Out of area, and unable, and the vehicle needs to be towed, call the NM State police (575) 382-2500 Ext 1 or the local authority. Then bring to a dealership and contact Internal Services supervisor.

        Except when personal safety is threatened, the traveler shall not abandon the vehicle or place the vehicle in jeopardy.


        If drivers are involved in an accident while driving a fleet vehicle, their first concern should be for the safety of passengers and/or pedestrians who might be injured.  Drivers should seek first aid and, if appropriate, an ambulance should be called for transporting injured parties to the hospital.

        The following procedures should be followed in the event of an accident involving a fleet vehicle: 

        • If you are on campus, notify NMSU Police Department at (575) 646-3311 immediately.
        • If you are off campus, notify the NM State police at (575) 382-2500 Ext 1 or local authority in the area.
        • If the vehicle needs to be towed, call the state police as well.
        • Notify your supervisor or manager of any and all accidents.
        • Arrange to receive a copy of the accident report filled out by the police authorities.
        • Fill out a NMSU Notice of Incident form and submit it to DACC Internal Services. For additional information refer to NMSU's Notice of Injury or Loss.

        New Mexico Tort Claims Act coverage is provided for authorized drivers operating University vehicles on official business. However, in accordance with Section 41-4-4.E, NMSA 1978, the University reserves the right to recover from the driver the amount expended to provide a defense and pay a settlement or final judgment, if it is shown that, while acting within the scope of duty, the driver acted fraudulently or with actual intentional malice causing bodily injury, wrongful death, or property damage.  If drivers use their personal vehicles on University business, their personal insurance coverage is primary.


        The Evidence of Coverage will be in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

        Liability insurance is provided for University employees, students, agents of the University, or volunteers in fleet vehicles on official business.

        If a University vehicle is involved in an accident, the local or state police department(s) are to be notified, and an accident report completed. Please refer to the website for NMSU Vehicle Use Procedures.


        Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Doña Ana Community College Business Office Manager and/or Vice President for Business and Finance.

        Stay safe, wash your hands, and wear a mask!